If you require assistance or have any questions, please call Ballpark Village at 3143459481.

Maps and Parking

Self-Parking is available 7 days a week.

Parking Locations

Self-Parking: Visitors who would like to self-park may enter the parking lot from Walnut Street.

General Parking Information

Self Parking: 3 Hours of FREE parking if you park before 9pm, 7 days a week! *Validation is required. After three hours regular transient parking rates apply. Parking validation ticket must be obtained before 9pm.

Transient Parking Rates Explained:
$1 per 20 minutes (eligible for 3 hours of free parking with validations)
Early Bird Rate - $7 Monday - Saturday, In by 5am - 8:30am and Out by 2pm - 6pm.
Night Owl Rate - $6, 9pm - 6am
Daily Max $20

Valet Parking: available Friday-Saturday after 6pm.

Special Event / Game Day Parking Information

Please note that the below information is subject to change as it relates to price range and time frames during baseball games.

Self Parking:
rates on these days range from $5-$50 and begin at 6am for games starting before 6pm or 1pm for games starting after 6pm.

Valet Parking: rates will be $10 higher than self parking prices.

*Check out Reserve Parking options here.
**Preselling times for events is subject to change without notice.


MetroLink is a convenient alternative to driving.  Visitors may take a train to the Stadium Station located across the street from Ballpark Village.

*Rates and times subject to change

Overnight parking is prohibited and subject to a maximum daily rate of $16.
Lost ticket fee $32.

For questions or assistance with parking please contact St. Louis parking at 314-241-7777.

Parking Today

3 Hours of FREE Parking, if you park before 9pm, 7 days a week! Click here to learn more!

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