Nonprofit packs $1 million in school supplies to give kids for free

 In the final days of summer vacation, families are filling their backpacks with school supplies. For some, the cost of supplies is a burden.

Matt Embleton is the board chair for KidSmart, a local nonprofit.

Embleton said, “Many of these kids come from tough backgrounds.”

According to KidSmart, 90,000 students in the St. Louis area face the reality of starting school without supplies. KidSmart serves those students by providing the essentials.

KidSmart hosted its annual Big Backpack Build at Ballpark Village. With a team of volunteers, they packed 8,000 backpacks with $1 million worth of supplies. On Friday, pre-registered teachers will line up to have their cars filled.

Embleton said, “We’re going to have hundreds of teachers come here, fill up their cars with school supplies that they’re going to take into the classroom Monday.”


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