2 days at Busch Stadium: What a 365-day use Ballpark District looks like

Last month, when the Kansas City Royals unveiled the renderings for each potential site, they emphasized their goal of 365-day use, with the help of an entertainment district surrounding the area.

There are numerous baseball stadiums around the country that utilize this strategy, one of those being Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

What is it about Busch Stadium and Ballpark Village that keep people coming back? We heard directly from the fans.


Ballpark Village is owned by the Cardinals and Cordish, the same company that helped create the Power & Light District in Kansas City.

"We see upwards of six million guests a year throughout the Ballpark Village neighborhood," said Mike LaMartina, Ballpark Village's chief operating officer.

He said the secret sauce to 365 use is making it a community space, where people can stay and live, and be part of game day even without tickets.


"I remember before they built up all the restaurants and the apartments here, it was kinda like, you came to Busch Stadium and you left, and because of this whole city they’ve built around it, you want to stay, you want to go early," Isabelle Cenatiempo said.


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