The 11th Annual 12 Bars of Charity is Back, Back again! The event is a friendly competition between 8 local charities. The charities are split up into "teams" and each assigned a team color. The largest charity team, with the most sign-ups, gets a $1000 bonus!

Registration is open NOW! Click HERE

Since 2012 the 12 Bars of Charity has had more than 150,000+ participate and raised more than $1.8 MILLION for charity. The event has expanded recently expanded to 6 cities with plans of future expansion.

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What you get when you sign up:

⚡️TEAM COLOR Sweatshirt (super comfy, trust us!)

💸$15 donation to your favorite local charity

🚌FREE Shuttle Rides to take you to 20+ Bars

🍸Drink Specials at All 20+ Bars

🆓Free Admission / No Cover at all 20+ Bars

📦Ship your Team Sweatshirt!

Once at the event, participants have the freedom to go wherever they want, whenever they want, and with whomever they want! 12 Bars of Charity is a great opportunity to get friends, family, or co-workers together around the holidays for a super fun event that gives back to some of everyone’s favorite local organizations!


🚨Are you typically the party planner for your friends? If so, make sure to get your whole squad locked in to SKIP Check-in and SHIP their team sweatshirts. The more friends you sign-up the bigger discount you get. Make sure to sign-up soon!… The shipping cut off date will be here before you know it!

✅CHECK-IN LOCATION Will Be Located at Ballpark Village, in the Together Credit Union Plaza.
📦Shipping Cutoff is early December

This event is 21+